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bradleyjizzames replied to your post: “bradleyjizzames replied to your post: “Omg, I love school. I mean, I…”:
i think having a goal to work towards and a reason to wake up every morning helps a bit (not just you, but myself as well) to make you happier. / that’s awesome. i believe you can do it!! you have no idea how happy i am that you’re doing well o/

Yeah, I think you’re right. Before, when I was depressed. I was so sick of life. I hated everything because I had nothing. Now I have school, and a boyfriend, and goals. 

And it’s because of people like you that I have those things. 
If you, Bri, Rachel, and a couple other friends of mine, weren’t there, I’m not sure I would have made it. 

But now I’m so glad that I did. Yes, I still struggle sometimes. And yes, even though it’s hard some days, I power through it. Because that’s what my friends taught me to do. Because it does get better.

Anyways, I have to get to bed because I have school early tomorrow morning. But hopefully I’ll be back tomorrow night with more good news to share. Talk to you later, love ya’. 

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msdanconia asked: SLYTHERIN or HUFFLPUFF
Or perhaps in Slytherin. You’ll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends.” 
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Benedict Cumberbatch for Vanity Fair (recolored by shakespearee) 

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I have seen things you wouldn’t believe. I have lost things you will never understand.

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bradleyjizzames replied to your post: “Omg, I love school. I mean, I hate waking up in the morning. And I…”:
this makes me happy. i’m glad you’re enjoying it! <333

So am I. I was terrified I’d hate it. (Really, I was.) Mostly because I put so much work into it, I really didn’t want to go back on my decision.

So I’m extremely glad it all worked out. I mean, I have 0 credits at the moment, but if I work hard enough, I can have my diploma by the age 19. Which is an accomplishment for someone who’s starting from the bottom, like me. 

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No. I’ve definitely not had any personal experience, as in face to face. I’m so far from Finnick Odair in every way possible that I think I walk down the street and no one would assume that that kid is meant to be the hottest man on the planet. But, there’ve definitely some odd tweets that I’ve been getting lately. Especially when it was first announced that I was going to be Finnick Odair, there were some diehard fans that were not happy that they decided to cast this weird kid from Norwich, England. People were threatening to commit suicide. [It made made me feel like,] “Oh my God, I’ll do the best I can, I promise! Sorry I’m not your perfect Finnick.” And that’s all I can do. I can only do my best. I have faith in the director and the producers. I know I’ve done the best I can.

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Omg, I love school.

I mean, I hate waking up in the morning. And I hate feeling like I never have time for anything fun. But I love the structure it gives me. And I love the fact that I have an opportunity to learn (Something that I thought was a hopeless cause for myself. Being is how I’ve not been to school since 4th grade, and even then I didn’t finish the year.) And I love that it makes me work on my social skills. And also, I have a photography/photoshop/video class that I just can’t get enough of. 

I’m really happy with my choice to go to this alt school. Even if I am in 11th grade and have basically no education (aside from what I taught myself, of course. (Reading, writing, basic math, etc.))

This will be good for me, I can tell.  

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Title: Work Song
Artist: Hozier
Played: 5654 times

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